Permanent Exposition “de Woldemer”

Exposition “de Woldemer”

Woldemer is the old Latin name of Valmiera. De Woldemer means: Valmiera’s, from Valmiera. In the oldest known seal of Valmiera from 1381, there is also the inscription S’CIVITATIS DE WOLDEMER – the seal of Valmiera town. 

The exposition, which is planned to open in 2023, will be in the old buildings of the castle territory (in the so-called Old Pharmacy) and the new glass building: Valmiera Castle Cultural Environment Center. The exposition will feature a wide-ranging archaeological collection from the Valmiera Museum and historical documents from various archives. The design of the exposition is created by Design Studio H2E. The exhibition will include the following topics:

1) Introduction. The most important things about Valmiera. Its coat of arms, the development of the town name, and the location at the crossroads of water (Gauja) and land routes (to Riga, Estonia, and Russia).

2) History of the castle. The castle as a fortification is related to the beginnings of Valmiera. It was the power and administrative center of the Teutonic Order, a refuge during the war.

3) Hanse. The place of Valmiera and its inhabitants in Hanseatic trade deals.

4) Town and townspeople. The story of the historical territory of the town, which was surrounded by a wall. About the town’s administration and political changes in Livonia. And the everyday life of Valmiera inhabitants and their crafts.

5) The Medieval and Modern period world-views. It will help to better understand both the world-views of the historical inhabitants of Valmiera and the importance of religion in Livonia.

6) In the cellars of the castle, outdoors will be part of the exposition. It will be available for visitors at any time. There will be short stories about the archaeological evidence found in each castle’s cellar.


The project is funded by the European Union, the Republic of Latvia, and the local administration.



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