Lecturers and Excursions


ﺝ What happens in the museum?

ﺝ History of schools in Valmiera. (Lecture in Latvian)

ﺝ How not to get confused in the ocean of information

ﺝ War of Independence. Latvian National Armed Forces – 100. (Lecture in Latvian)

ﺝ The history of Unity of the Brethren in Vidzeme in the 18th and 19th Century. (Lecture in Latvian)

ﺝ The book ‘Boys of Valmiera’ and its writer Pāvils Rozītis. (Lecture in Latvian)

ﺝ German cultural heritage in Valmiera and its surroundings – manors, castles and churches. (Lecture in Latvian)


Lectures in Latvian can be translated into English if you provided the translation. We also offer to prepare a lecture on the topic you are interested in the history of Valmiera.


Valmiera Museum offers the following tours

ﺝ Tour of the Old town (with or without Museum visit. Museum visit is for an additional fee).

ﺝ Tour of the city.


We offer tours in Latvian, English, Russian, and German.

By prior arrangement with the guide, it is possible to go on a guided tour with your transport.


Applying by phone: +371 64207636.