There are 63 thousand items in the collection of Valmiera Museum.

The art collection is made up of works by authors related to Valmiera and the Valmiera region. The most represented authors are Teodors Ūders, Aleksandrs Petrovs, Jānis Kalmīte, Rudolfs Voldemārs Vītols. The art object collection is made of items donated by Marta Alberinga.

The Museum is proud of its rich ethnographic object and tool collection typical to Northern Vidzeme from the surrounding rural territories. Colourful dowry chests, chairs made by Vaidava masters, modestly decorated spindles and warp blades, flax and wool processing tools, grain puhr, butter churns, etc.

Antiquities are kept in Valmiera Museum from Valmiera Medieval Castle and town, Kauguri Beiti Late Iron Age burial-ground and several medieval cemeteries.

You can find out more about the collection of the Museum in the exhibitions organised by the Museum, publications, card files, databases and by attending the special museum library.

Mājas lapa šobrīd atrodas pārveides stadijā, dažas sadaļas tiek papildinātas

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