Mission statement – to study Valmiera City development within the context of historical events, to collect multi-national cultural history testimonies from the most ancient times to the present day, to preserve, study and popularise them. To use various forms of work, making cultural heritage accessible to the general public.

Long-term goal of Valmiera Museum – to develop and maintain the qualitative cultural environment in Valmiera City, ensuring the preservation, awareness and availability of cultural heritage, to create and spread cultural values promoting public interest in cultural heritage, diversity of cultural values and cross-cultural dialogue, and providing a possibility for the public to participate in the integration of cultural processes.  

Scope of activity of Valmiera Museum:

• To develop and maintain the collection of the Museum,

• To study the history of the city and its administrative impact,

• To ensure access to the collection of the Museum and to the results of research work,

• To develop and form directions for the development of the Valmiera Old Town cultural environment within the framework of the Museum’s functions for tourism development and public recreation,

• To preserve national and regional identity,

• To ensure the functioning of the Museum in collaboration with local government.