Exhibition “From One Root”


The idea of the exhibition “From One Root” is based on the synthesis of the past and present – the heritage of Galzons family in three generations. Exhibition focuses on the 110th anniversary of the artist Jānis Galzons senior. The exhibition features artworks by the Galzons family of the locals – senior Jānis Galzons, his sons Miķelis and Jānis (junior) Galzons, daughter-in-law Antra Galzone and grandson Matīss Galzons. The exhibited artworks have been created starting from the middle of 20th century until present. In content, the exhibition covers the boundary between three dimensions – symbolism, classical painting and photography.

Painter and teacher Jānis Galzons (1912-1979) mainly painted landscapes. In 1935 he joined the Art Academy of Latvia and studied with well-known masters Ubāns, Miesnieks, Tone, Skulme and Vītols. Until 1944 he worked in a decorative painting workshop by J. Kuga, studied old masters, made many sketches and drawings of paintings. Already during his studies, the artist has participated in exhibitions organized by the Art Academy, as well as in art exhibitions of Rūjiena, Valmiera and Cēsis district. His most favorite motives – Rūja, Rūjiena and Northern Vidzeme.

J. Galzons belongs to the classics of Latvian art, but is one of the most isolated Latvian artists. He was a talented teacher, an interesting personality, a searcher for new forms of artistic expression and a philosopher. J. Galzons was a painter of Latvian national realism and painted mainly in oil technique. The collection of paintings, which has survived to this day, is relatively small, many works burned in Rūjiena at the end of World War II. The artist’s works are stored in the collection of Valmiera Museum and some private collections.

Although the exhibition focuses on Jānis Galzons senior, its concept is also marked by artworks by his sons Miķelis and Jānis Galzons (junior), Antra Galzone, as well as Matīss Galzons.

Photographer Miķelis Galzons (1944-1992) graduated from Rūjiena Secondary School and decorator department of Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts. Since 1969 Miķelis has worked as an artist at the Factory “Straume”, and was an artist-photographer at the Factory “Radiotehnika”. He also worked as a photo teacher at the Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts. Miķelis Galzons carried out the work of a photo editor at the publishing house “Avots”. In his editorial, photo albums were released, for example, “Gauja” in 1983 and “Daugava” in 1984.

Comment of brother Jānis about creative work of Miķelis: “Very self-critical to his works and with great selection for the result of his work. I believe that my brother Miķelis was very creative in his searching process for diversity of compositions and techniques.”

Jānis Galzons (junior) graduated from Rūjiena Secondary School in 1972, graduated from the Department of Decorators in the Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts (1977) and graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 1993. He has been participating in exhibitions since 1977. He has been a member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia since 1999. Artist on his creative work: “The task of art is to reflect one’s personal existence and understanding of processes in the world. In my works, I feel the world through the metaphysical prism. Metaphysics is one of the possibilities to open the door to the border between light and darkness. In my opinion, the task of art is not only to rejoice in the immeasurable beauty of nature and the comprehensive monumentality of which we are guests, but also to understand the personal task of life in the processes of nature and society philosophically and symbolically.”

Antra Galzone graduated from Valmiera Children’s Art School in 1980, graduated from the Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts in 1984 and graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 1993. She has been participating in exhibitions since 1986. Artist on sources of inspiration in paintings: “Every moment in my life is a journey. The people I have met, the places and events I have seen, new information and thoughts inspire the creation of the paintings. Color and light are important, as well as ornamental rhythmics and plastic line. The journey means not only physical movement, but also getting into another mental world where you can imagine unprecedented feelings and associations.”

Matīss Galzons graduated from Rūjiena Art School in 2003, Rūjiena Secondary School in 2007, Advertising Design of Valmiera Art School in 2010, Professional Photo School in 2016, ISSP School in 2018 and Riga Stradins University Faculty of Communication in 2020 in Multimedia Communication sub-programme Photography. Participates in exhibitions since 2018. Photographer about his work cycle: “This is a story about creation, creativity and related issues. The goal is to evoke feelings and emotions that further give impetus to new reflections and ideas. An evaluation occurs. Observer, who are you, what is your true face? What are your competencies and life experience? How rich is your chest of emotions and your desire to delve into the translation of ideas? Participate in creativity and the joy of creation within yourself!”

The exhibition is open until July 16.


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