Ilze Ērgle Vanaga’s exhibition of paintings “Immersion into the Magic of Peonies” (until 25.09.21.)


From August 7 to September 25, the Exhibition Hall of Valmiera Museum presents Ilze Ērgle Vanaga’s exhibition of paintings “Immersion into the Magic of Peonies”. Peonies – flowers full of delicate shades and of unique shapes – abundantly grow in the artist’s garden.

Ilze Ērgle Vanaga says, “I love painting both of these motifs, revealing subtle shades and moods of flowers and clouds. I watch very closely and carefully the diversity of peonies, looking for the special nuances of each flower. Each peony is like a small, mysterious kingdom, so tiny, but still grandiose and unique. The exhibition will also be enriched by cloudscapes that were created while relaxing. Latvia has got the most beautiful clouds in the world. They float along the windows of my studio, constantly creating the most unimaginable shapes and colours.

Visitors are invited to attend the exhibition, to stop and look into the world of Ilze Ērgle Vanaga’s peony paintings, where the artist shares her feelings about the beauty, subtlety and complexity of these wonderful flowers, which have been studied and painted in this unusual time.


Mājas lapa šobrīd atrodas pārveides stadijā, dažas sadaļas tiek papildinātas

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