SCULPTURE / CERAMIC / GLASS (until February 1, 2020)

Exhibition of artworks of educators from the Art Academy of Latvia, visually plastic arts sector.

In the spirit of the 100th anniversary of the Art Academy of Latvia, the educators of the Sculpture, Glass and Ceramics disciplines of the Department of Visual Plastic Arts present a wonderful gift to their people – an exhibition of an outstanding group of artists in Valmiera, after that in Liepāja. This is the way how to restore and continue a praxis which was once used of Academy – to organize art exhibitions all over Latvia, not just in Riga’s galleries and museums. These exhibitions will consist of two different exhibitions, each solely related to the circle of authors. The two exhibitions will feature different works, although the two exhibitions have the same title – SCULPTURE / CERAMICS / GLASS.

Famous Latvian and world-renowned glass artists participate in the exhibition with their latest works – Ingūna Audere, Vineta Groza, Sandra Utāne, Inita Ēmane, Ilze Dūdiņa un Agnese Gedule, keramiķi Dainis Lesiņš, Dainis Pundurs, Ainārs Rimicāns, Līga Skariņa, Ženija Loginova un Anna Rubene – Zīdere. Part of the sculpture exposition form artworks of Bruno Strautiņš, Gļebs Panteļejevs, Aigars Bikše, Kārlis Alainis, Olga Šilova un Valtis Barkāns.

Academy`s educators of today are former students and apprentices of the Latvian old masters of Sculpture and Applied Arts, preserving and transforming the traditional values that are characteristic only of Latvian art into new colours and shapes, raising them to the level of general, contemporary understanding. The language of modern art expression is an associative dialogue between the artist and the viewer, based on inner, sometimes very subjective feelings, with an emphasis on inner experience. The intellectual message is designed to be perceptible to people in any part of the world, because the language of modern art is a universal system of signs that, as a living thread, follows us indefinitely from the beginnings of humanity. The artist’s mission is to continue this thread and pass it on to the future.

The exhibition will be open at Valmiera Museum Exhibition Hall until February 1, 2020, while the Liepaja Museum will have a collection of other works by this group of artists, with the same name, from January 17 to March 1, 2020.


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