Paula Zariņa – Zēmane “Consciousnesses of Infinity” (until 22.06.19.)

“Consciousnesses of infinity” brings together paintings from the series of works “Consciousness” and “The Still Point of the Turning World”. The series of paintings “Consciousness” is the illusion of the landscapes that I perceive, magical moments when I see something very clear, indescribable until the moment, when I wink my eyes and this apprehension of immeasurability, perfection and even happiness is lost. Works “The Still Point of the Turning World” for series have become, reading a novel “Unbearable Lightness of Being” (1984) of Czech-French writer Milan Kundera (1929), in which is asked a question: “But is heaviness really terrible, but lightness wonderful? The heaviest burden pushes us down, pushes to the ground; our legs give way under us. However, a woman longs for a man’s height in love poetry of all ages. So the heaviest burden is also the image of the most intense fulfilment of life. The heavier the burden is, the closer, more real and truthful to the earth is our life”. Issues of big opposition are solved – heavy and light, dark and light, peace and movement. In some ways, these works continue the philosophy of “Consciousness”, but in their form they have become more laconic. The unnecessary is ripped off, there is neither the future nor the end, neither the end nor the beginning – there is only endless feeling of being, intuitively understandable clarity.


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