Iveta Vecenāne “Golden Footbridge” (until 23.02.2019.)

Iveta Vecenāne

“Golden Footbridge”

            Title of the exhibition artist has chosen from an artwork, which currently is placed in the Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine. The delicate, subtle, golden understanding footbridge between people is a topical issue of nowadays. The basic of the exhibition form monumental tapestries, which are made in different time periods. This is the second exhibition of the artist, which is placed in Valmiera Museum, the first time was in the middle of 80ies.

“As the main direction of action in the art I consider weaving of tapestry. I like to create a large-sized works. As well as large winds run up to large trees, big thoughts also come in large works. In order to make composition I use proportion of large fields. I make my works of a principle of colour contrasts. I like richness in the life and art” – so the artist.

“It is the sense of colour that at some point allows Iveta to achieve an amazing level of virtuosity, when weaving begins to overtake previous intentions and permissions to ignore the drawing. Threads themselves start to stimulate a form, and then appear unexpected prospects. Another master could not weave the works of Iveta, because a creativity is needed at every stage. The greater the faith in yourself and the process, the better it will be. From childhood Iveta feels unity with nature, expanding in size, branching into forms and flourishing in fullness. Beyond generalized concepts, Iveta hides a whole account of exact names, senses and subtext with many meanings. Nature in the context of art is perceived as a worthwhile reality. Iveta’s textile is characterized by parallelism, the same of the Latvian folk songs in which oaks are related to sons, but the daughters – with linden. It is determined by psychology. Transformations in textile compositions are caused by what happens in the artist’s soul, and in the natural elements we hear the response of her soul. The imagination of the art of Iveta Vecenāne with motives of large-sized flowers, plants, landscape, what comes from observation of nature, and the tendency to visual text density in geometry of form or in free arrangement of colours-space initiates transcendental thoughts and intimate moods“, so about the artist writes art historian Anita Vanaga.

Iveta Vecenāne graduated from the Riga School of Applied Arts, and from the Textile Art Department of the Art Academy of Latvia with a diploma paper under the guidance of R. Heimrāts. Since 1986 artist takes part in exhibitions. Works in the branch of textiles – tapestries, paintings on silk, costume design and ornaments of textile design, as well as in the branches of graphic design, book illustration and literature.

Many solo exhibitions have taken place in Latvia and abroad, as well as participated in many group exhibitions – in Estonia, USA, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Luxembourg, Italy, Australia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany and in China.


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