Painting exhibition “Portal” of Ilze Laizāne

Afiša_Ilze Lizāne

From February 17 to March 25 in Exhibition Hall of Valmiera Museum it will be possible to visit painting exhibition “Portal” of Latvian artist Ilze Laizāne.

In the painting exhibition “Portal” by artist Ilze Laizāne you can feel the gorgeous femininity, diversity of the chosen colors, and a certain mysticism. In the paintings, reality merges with fantasy, and nature motifs often intertwine with figurative compositions. Nature and human presence play an important role in the author’s creative work. It encourages viewers to contemplate the vibrations of the invisible worlds. Often the artist herself is amazed at what her hand has created on the canvas. The paintings exude liveliness and create mystery at the same time.


Mājas lapa šobrīd atrodas pārveides stadijā, dažas sadaļas tiek papildinātas

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