Are we on the common road?



And no matter how incomprehensible, unknown and unpredictable the territory of future aesthetics is, going on a creative road is at the same time the rediscovery, marking and construction of the road. Going on the road is inevitable because even if you stay on the spot, the road goes directly towards the observer. The road is an opportunity for an ever-new perspective and every road becomes a part of the landscape.

“ON THE COMMON ROAD” is an exhibition of graduates` works of the faculty of Visual Plastic Arts from the Art Academy of Latvia, which unites authors from three specialties – Ceramics, Textiles and Glass – manifesting a new understanding of the possibilities of classical materials and their processing techniques to be a modern visual media outside the school walls and learning processes.

The exhibited works are created without taking into account the boundaries of theoretical beliefs and prejudices between design, art and crafts. Exhibitors are united by a common sense of searching for identity and a deep involvement in the understanding of materials, as well as in managing matter as an element by nurturing and taming it and exposing it to their own individual vision.

Textiles – artworks are made of several materials – wool, silk, metal wires, silicone, natural and synthetic dyes – and in several techniques, which at the same time reflect the craft skills of artists.

The individual feelings and experiments of graduates of the ceramics specialty are expressed in different ceramic materials and techniques, creating a unique work. They reflect the individual character of each author, a sense of aesthetics and form, as well as technological knowledge. The common thing for all diploma students – the need to know themselves and the world through memories – private or collective, as well as finding their place in the world.

Glass specialty students initially get to know glass as an amorphous material, from which, using various processing techniques, works are created that leave no one indifferent. The exhibited works reveal only a few of the wide possibilities offered by this powerful and at the same time fragile medium – glass.


Mājas lapa šobrīd atrodas pārveides stadijā, dažas sadaļas tiek papildinātas

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