Painting exhibition of Klāvs Loris “Sabotage II”

Klāvs Loris

The main theme of the exhibition “Sabotage II” is based on a personal reflection of one’s role in the society as well as the society around us. Regular self-destruction and constant growth at the same time. Various internal states in the paintings are solved with the help of metaphors and philosophical concepts, which are mainly borrowed from the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, his idea of ​​the “Übermensch”, as well as from a topic widely studied in psychiatry and very familiar to a modern human – cyclical self-sabotage and reinvention. We idealize our lives and polish our alter ego through the eyes of the audience, but in the real world we are stuck between a primate and the idea of​ “Übermensch”.

In the center of the artworks is the painting “Numb in Endless Doubt “, where the artist metaphorically illustrates a very personal and human “indecision” in solving various life situations, based on the philosophical paradox “Buridan’s Donkey” named after the French philosopher Jean Buridan i.e. the lack of free will.

Klavs Loris’ artistic style can be observed in his large-scale works, where the painter continuously experiments with techniques, combining classical oil painting with more modern mediums and materials. During these experimentations, Klavs Loris has developed his own author-technique, which combines photography, digital print and classical painting.




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