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  • «Where is Ūders?» (until 8. december)

    An Exhibition “Where is Ūders?” is a dedication for 150 th birthday of an artist Teodors
    Ūders (Uhder) and for Latvia’s centenary. Teodors Ūders was born in “Pīlāti” of Valmiera
    rural municipality, in the family of teachers on May 3, 1868; dead on August 20, 1915 and
    buried at the Center cemetery of Valmiera.
    Teodors Ūders belongs to art classics of Latvia, he is one of the most detached
    Latvian artists. He is graphic artist of national realism and symbolism, who later turned to oil
    painting. T. Ūders was talented teacher, interesting personality, a searcher for new artistic
    expressions and philosopher.
    In the exhibition “Where is Ūders?” we will show courses of T. Ūders life,
    characterization of an era and creative contribution, stressing the meaning of revolution
    events of 1905-1907 in the way of country of Latvia. These events have influenced his
    creative work – allegoric drawings characterize the first creation direction of the artworks
    which are exhibited in this exhibition. Another important direction of his creation – portrait
    painting – reflects artworks of Valmiera Museum collection and artworks, which are
    The most significant artworks are made in Valmiera in the last 10 years of artist`s
    lifetime. In those artworks impulses of neoromantic merge with impulses of symbolism and
    realism in one unified conception, which artist has called “The Real symbolism”. In charcoal
    drawings it turns out in rough, monumental image of human and nature with dramatically
    intensified feelings. In realistic and allegoric images are reflected revolutionary events of the
    period 1905-1907 because T. Ūders felt the struggle against the oppressors of the people and
    deeply experienced the failure of the revolution. By his nature Ūders was quick-tempered,
    energy overfull person, who loved to fight against difficulties, to find new ways in his own
    creative work. Mentally artist felt pretty lonely. Society of Valmiera could not appreciated
    talent of T. Ūders, they could not understand his thoughts and efforts. T. Ūders was often
    called as spokesman of our folk strength and our destiny, at the same time he was called as
    great, talented figure – as one of the most mysterious Latvian artists, who seems to have
    always been a bit shadowed.
    In the heritage of the artist`s creative works are 100 drawings and 19 paintings. His
    artworks are kept in the collections of Latvian National Museum of Art, Museum of Writing
    and Music, Janis Rozentāls Saldus History and Art Museum, Museum of Saldus, Museum of
    Valmiera, as well as in some private collections. Basis of the exhibition is formed of
    artworks from collection of Valmiera Museum. The most of them are received as gift from
    Anna Ūdere (1904-1993), the oldest daughter of the artist. Many years of her life she has
    given herself up to summarization and popularization of creative work of her father.
    In addition to artworks of Valmiera Museum collection, in the exhibition are exhibited
    four portraits, which have been stored in a private collection of Georg Solms in Marburg
    (Germany).This collection was accidentally discovered by the art historian Dr.art. Jānis
    In the exhibition is also included an artwork of students from Valmiera Design and Art
    School, which is a dedication for 150 th birthday of Teodors Ūders.
    In the creation process of the exhibition is also realized a project “Where is Ūders?”,
    which is financial supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation. In the process of work
    all the framings of drawings and paintings, which are placed in the collection of museum, are