Valmieras muzejs

Edīte Pauls-Vīgnere “Crowns” (until 14.09.19.)

Saglaudu galviņu kā cielaviņa, Uzliku vizuļu vainaciņu. (Latvian folk song)   The good victory over the evil, the dark berries of the age, immortality, city freshness, […]

“Rūdolfs Voldemārs Vītols – 115”. Paintings, drawings, sketches (until July 21)

  The exhibition is a dedication to the 115th anniversary of the painter Rūdolfs Voldemārs Vītols and a part of the 60th anniversary of the Valmiera […]

Exhibition “Without Borders” of artists from Valmiera and surrounding counties (until July 20)

This year, the Valmiera Museum celebrates its 60th anniversary with several exhibitions and events, including this one. Participants of the exhibition: Andris Vārpa, Anita Jansone Zirnīte, […]

Sindija Mačtama “Roots in Heaven” (until 01.09.19.)

Folk-maids and brothers from cards always look at me helpless – bare feet, golden hair and pink cheeks. Was there really such an El Dorado here […]