It was established on 21 April 2001. The core of the group is made of the staff of the Museum; at present there are 7 people. Godmother of the group – Aija Šēla. The group has performed in Latvia, as well as in Slovakia and Russia. The group participates in events organised by the Museum and city, exhibition openings, educational programmes of the Museum, organises annual and family celebrations.

We offer to celebrate Solstice. The main rites during Winter Solstice:

ﺝ Fire rite

ﺝ Protection rites

ﺝ Witch tongue binding

ﺝ Mutual chaffing

ﺝ Mummery

ﺝ Wreath making, adorning

ﺝ Songs and games

ﺝ Log dragging

ﺝ Fortune telling

ﺝ Fate pouring


Family celebrations

The power of the entire nation depends on the strength of the family. A sacred duty of every Latvian is to respect and maintain the ancient folk traditions. Three major family celebrations are known from ancient times – christening, wedding and funeral.

Christening is the first major celebration of a person when a name is given to him/her, thus, confirming his/her belonging to the family circle. A person’s name is very important for his/her future course of life.

Wedding with its wide scope of rites, traditions and joy surpasses all the other Latvian celebrations and festivities. In the past weddings were even celebrated for seven, eight days.

The ritual dressing of the newlyweds as a husband and wife  is one of the most emotional wedding moments.

We offer an activity programme for christenings and weddings:

ﺝ Making a family hearth

ﺝ Sacrifice to fire

ﺝ Promise of godparents

ﺝ Prayer for God’s blessing

ﺝ Pāde’s rite

ﺝ Wedding rite

ﺝ Sacrificing and fortune telling

ﺝ Witch tongue binding

ﺝ Bride’s wedding fir-tree

ﺝ Removal of the bride’s wreath

ﺝ Bride’s ritual dressing as a wife

ﺝ Wedding-guest jesting

ﺝ Ancient Latvian kiss

ﺝ Fertility dance

Information and booking by phone 64207638, 26449300 or in person.