Ivars Drulle “To My Homeland” (until 22.06.19.)

The exhibition “To My Homeland”, which was nominated for the Purvītis Prize in 2017, captured the portrait of the Latvian countryside landscape and a kind of […]

Paula Zariņa – Zēmane “Consciousnesses of Infinity” (until 22.06.19.)

“Consciousnesses of infinity” brings together paintings from the series of works “Consciousness” and “The Still Point of the Turning World”. The series of paintings “Consciousness” is […]

Sindija Mačtama “Roots in Heaven” (until 01.09.19.)

Folk-maids and brothers from cards always look at me helpless – bare feet, golden hair and pink cheeks. Was there really such an El Dorado here […]

Online Conference, 27th – 28th November 2020

Scholarly Readings of Young Historians VI: Turning Points in the History of the Baltic Sea Region: People, Ideas, Events Valmiera Museum, 27th – 28th November 2020 […]